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About Medipol Hospital

Medipol Mega Hospital, which breaks grounds right along with being an university hospital, by hosting four different medical centers again holds the title of being the first private medical complex in Turkey. 

Medipol Mega Hospital Complex stands out as a hospital in Turkey which performs large health investment with its General, Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Dental Centers, also the highest number of specialities.

Medipol Mega Hospital Complex, is the first hospital inTurkey with the latest technology and  the best medical equipment. The Center is an important actor both in the national and international arena, the new reference center in the health sector.

Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex has 515 bed capacity, 126 Intensive Care Units (32 General, 15 Coronary, 26 CVS, 53 Neonatal Intensive Care), all of which are equipped with smart systems and technology, as well as polyclinics in all branches with 267 rooms.